Up and running..

Welcome to Epic Kidz, one of our long term ambitions has been finally achieved with the formation of our own charity, funded by epic events www.epicevents.co.uk. Epic Kidz will be providing small grants to projects throughout the North West, with the purpose of increasing the provision of sport and recreation activities for children and their families. This year we will be supporting projects who match our criteria (listed on the about us page) and hopefully we can contribute in a small way, to develop children’s sport participation within the region. Your entry fees for any of the epic events will be providing the money to fund the Epic Kidz charity and we will do our best to keep you up to date and let you know where the money is being spent! We look forwards to seeing you at an event soon and thanks for your support which has made this venture possible.

Our next events:

Horwich Triathlon, May 6th
Coniston Epic Swim, May 27th

Epic Events

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