Eden Epic Supports Nurture Eden

£1300 was donated to Nurture Eden following the Eden Epic to help activity projects in the local area. The money will be split between 2 projects:

Orton Community Woodland

Grazing land will be transformed through community action to create new native, broad leaved woodlands interspersed with nature trails, surrounded by mature or newly planted hedgerows and drystone walls. The project inspires and involves local schools, communities and volunteers to get involved in learning and practical conservation activities on the site. The woodland has been created for all to come and enjoy


Culgaith Tarn

The tarn covers an area of 4 acres and is a registered village green. This community inspired project aims to create a well managed open space with access for all, increasing biodiversity on the site and providing fantastic learning resources for local schools. Art and sculpture workshops will engage and educate local children of the need to protect and improve insect habitat.


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