Epic Swimming Kid…

Katie from Preston is 12 years old and last year she did her 1st open water swim at Ullswater Epic Lakes Swim. It was only 4 days after her 11th birthday, raising £800 for charity for The Pilgrimage Trust. This year she wanted to do all 3 of the events so far she has raised just over £1000. The money is raised to pay for children to holiday in Lourdes, costing £800 per child. Recently one young girl, who has been to image001Lourdes several times and was aged only 18 died. Katie swam Royal Ullswater in her memory.

All the helpers pay for themselves but the children do not pay for the trip. All the money is raised through fundraising over the year and the group are extremely grateful for Katie having done the swims on their behalf. The refreshments which were bought at Royal Ullswater raised £260, and this has been added to Katie’s total, thank you for your donations, Katie is without a doubt an Epic Kid!!

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