Donations for Blea Tarn Footpath

Following the Montane lakeland 50 & 100, a £4000 donation was made to the Fix The Fells project, specifically to repair the path behind Blea Tarn leading to Wrynose Pass. The work has been planned here in conjunction with Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Windermere Reflections. The path running from Blea Tarn to Wrynose needs stabilisation and drainage in places. The stabilisation work involves shoring up some of the peat banks that are slumping and eroding.

Towards the old target and stone shelter, the path is gradually becoming an ever wider quagmire, so the work here will be to define one line with some stone pitching and some stepping stones. Beyond the shelter, the path back up to the main path will be made more obvious with some further pitched sections, and the direct route across the mire will be lost as far as possible with landscaping works and tree / scrub planting on the dryer slopes.
On the moss itself, work will be carried out to block several of the eroding drainage channels to prevent further erosion and drying of the peat.

This will be a mix of stone dams across the becks and rough sawn larch planks dug into the peat. Where sheep are regularly crossing the mire and causing erosion, the banks of the beck will be stabilised and reverted, and careful landscaping will contain the spread of the sheep.

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