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£500 to Coniston Swimming Pool

£500 was donated to Coniston Swimming Pool, based at John Ruskin School. The open air pool is used by both school and members of the public and is in constant need of maintenance throughout the year. A variety of local groups use the pool for leisure and organised activities, so it’s important to the local community that it continues to remain functional.

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£4000 to Fix The Fells

The Jubilee Bridge track is part of the Lakeland 100 route between CP1 & CP2 as you pass between Harter Fell and Crook harterfellCragg, just after grassguards. This bridleway is one of the best preserved old routes in the area. Unfortunately the drainage has become clogged over the years by vegetation, soil creep and landslips and now is in desperate need of further drainage. On the lower sections this can be achieved with some water bars and re-profiling the original side drain. Higher up, and into the forestry, some machine subsoiling is needed and light touch machine work to clarify the line and improve drainage.

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£1035 donated to Air Ambulance from EPIC Swims refreshments

As always, the refreshment sales at EPIC Swims were donated to charity and this year, the chosen cause was Air Ambulance. For the 2014 swim events, refreshments were staffed by the team from ‘economy class to France’ who successfully swam a cross channel relay (only last week) and have been raising funds all year to hit their £10,000 target for Air Ambulance. Congratulations to the team for completing their channel relay and donating such a significant amount to a very worthy cause.

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