Epic Kidz doante £310 to Wigan & Ashton Gymnastics Club

Wigan and Ashton Gymnastics Club was founded in 1979 and aims to provide a safe, effective and child friendly environment in which the members can participate in gymnastic activities under the guidance of appropriately qualified coaches. The Club operates on a voluntary basis (the coaches, judges, officials and helpers are not paid for the time they dedicate to the sport) and all the membership fees are used specifically for the lease, insurance and services needed to run the club properly.

In the summer of 2015, the club moved (at long last) to an industrial unit in Ince where the gymnasts have sufficient floor space to train properly. However with floor space comes air space and the club desperately need funds to purchase heating equipment capable of warming such a large space. The club have been fund raising since the summer and currently have just short of 5K towards the heating system. They’re desperate to get one sorted asap – especially as winter is starting to kick in. You can’t train for gymnastics in the cold!

Epic Kidz have donated £310 to Wigan & Ashton Gymnastics Club to go towards their heating system so that the gymnasts can keep on training through the winter months without getting frostbite!Gymnasts

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