£1000 grant to talented 12y/o Barnaby Walkingshaw

Barnaby Walkingshaw is 12 years old and is, as he describes, an “extremely keen cyclist”. He competes in a range of cycling disciplines such as cyclocross, road races, hill climbs and, when he can, mountain biking.

His achievements are impressive for a young, 12 year old boy and the one he is most proud of is winning the Cyclocross North East league 2014-15 with a complete set of 8 victories.

Barnaby Pic 1He has competed in the National Circuit Racing Trophy series, the Terry Dolan Series and a number of high profile national fixtures including the Tickhill Grand Prix. Never resting, Barnaby went over to do an International Youth Tour in Ireland as the 2015 season tailed off and finished 8th from 69 of the best U12’s from the UK and beyond.
Upon turning 12 and becoming eligible to enter time trials, he competed in a few local hill climb time trials. His dad then sprang a surprise on him and got him a place in the National Hill Climb TT Championships (a gruelling mile of pain!). The race meant everything to him and he ended up coming out with the win for his age category. An amazing achievement for a 12 year old boy who had only done 2 time trial events previously.

Barnaby Pic 3Barnaby has an abundance of talent and even though he is now riding with the under 14’s he is still getting podium places. Unfortunately, he discovered that despite the obvious talent, he was being hindered by only having 1 cross bike where other competitors have two so that they can switch to avoid mud slowing them down.

His aim is to be able to compete against the best in the North West and at National fixtures but really needs 2 bikes to keep up. Not one to give up easily he has got himself two framesets but was lacking many of the components required to build them up. The Dave Hitchin Fund stepped in and gave Barnaby a grant of £1000 to purchase the necessary components to allow him to build his cross bikes and get ready to take on the upcoming season and shine.

Watch this space for updates on how Barnaby progresses over the season.



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