£250 to Carlisle Canoe Club

Carlisle Canoe Club was formed in 1959 with the objective of introducing people to and sharing the pleasures of paddle sport. They are a large, family friendly recreational canoe club, based next to the beautiful river Eden in Carlisle. Their mission is to encourage as many people as possible to safely enjoy the pleasure of paddling. 

From April to September each year they take in new starters every month and train them to a 1* standard. Once passed they can then join the improver groups which will be coached in kayaks and canoes up to 3* level. They also have winter coaching on the river as well as indoor pool sessions.

All the coaching is done by volunteers many of which have been trained by the club.

Every year the younger paddlers go to wavehopper events. This is a race to paddle as fast as you can down a white water course. They also travel to events in the North east & Cumbria & they hold their own event each year. In addition the club also practice slalom whitewater racing. This really tests paddlers ability to read the white water as the course involves paddling up, down and across moving water.  

The club also provide water safety cover and many of their younger paddlers go along to the Lakes to help out with swim safety. This kind of activity is very rewarding for the youngsters as you see them develop wider skill sets, team building, communication skills, planning, first aid and taking responsibility.

The club has nurtured many a rising star who has gone from shy youngsters to strong young adults and have taken their skills and put them to use as coaches or in outdoor careers.

Carlisle Canoe Club are hosting their own slalom race this weekend which is aimed at the young paddlers and Epic Kidz has donated £250 to help towards the costs of medals and general event running costs.

Find out more about the canoe club at their website http://www.carlislecanoeclub.org.uk.

carlisle canoe



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