£1000 to The Exchange Creative Community

The Exchange Creative Community are a not for profit company based in Morecambe. They aim to provide opportunities for people to try new things, connect with others, enjoy their surroundings and become an active part of the local community. They also seek to promote local talent by selling locally made art to help raise funds to deliver creative workshops which are free to access for the local community.

Epic Kidz have donated £1000 to The Exchange so that they can run a drop in based ek-picworkshop each month, providing a regular creative opportunity for the community where participants can take away something that they have made. Similar to the bug making, jelly fish and fish on sticks workshops that can be seen in the blog on their website ( http://www.theexchangecic.co.uk ) these proposed workshops will be fully accessible and engaging for all members of the family.

The added exciting and quite special part for The Exchange moving forward is that they plan to use imagery of the creations made in these workshops to launch The Exchange CIC product range. The ideas are things like a limited run of tea towels, bags or screenprints inspired by the ‘fish on sticks’ artwork and a run of tin mugs or stickers with images of the bugs on. These products will then be available to purchase online and in their gallery/gift shop with profits from all sales going back into the organisation and likely creating more workshops! Above all, and most importantly, people accessing the workshops and purchasing said gifts get to see the creations transformed and the legacy of the project live on.

Find out more about the work that The Exchange do via their website and facebook page:




Photograph credit: Johnny Bean @BeanPhoto


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