£500 to The Eskdale Mill & Heritage Trust

This year the Montane Lakeland 100 competitors have raised in excess of £42,000.00 for Epic Kidz. The Lakeland 100 event has a huge and dedicated team of hard working volunteers and this year we have asked all of the checkpoint owners and checkpoint managers from the event to nominate a group or charity to receive an Epic Kidz donation. Over the coming few months we will be blogging about all the donations made to all the good causes nominated by the Lakeland 100 family.


The third donation in our series has come from The Eskdale Mill and Heritage Trust who look after the Lakeland 100 checkpoint based in the tiny village of Boot. This checkpoint is located by a beautiful watermill which has been in existence for over 3000 years. The mill had been a working mill right up until 1930’s when the then owner, Ned Bibby, died aged 78. His daughter installed a small generator and closed the mill doors, leaving everything intact. It is believed that this act actually helped preserve the mill as a piece of working history. The mill was subsequently bought by the County Council, conserved and opened to the public in 1976. 30 years later The Eskdale Mill and Heritage Trust was formed by local people in response to the proposed disposal of the watermill by the Council in 2006. The Trust is run by volunteers dedicated to the mills continued operation.

Volunteers help give guided tours around the mill and one of the ambitions of the trust is to train more volunteers in a whole range of skills to keep the mill open for the future.

Epic Kidz have made a £500 donation to the Trust to support their hard work in keeping this beautiful hidden gem working for future generations.

You can read all about the Trust and the mill HERE.







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