£500 to The Odyssey Project

This year the Montane Lakeland 100 competitors have raised in excess of £42,000.00 for Epic Kidz. The Lakeland 100 event has a huge and dedicated team of hard working volunteers and this year we have asked all of the checkpoint owners and checkpoint managers from the event to nominate a group or charity to receive an Epic Kidz donation. Over the coming few months we will be blogging about all the donations made to all the good causes nominated by the Lakeland 100 family.

Our next donation in the series has come from the guys that run the oasis known as Chapel Stile. It is a place of peace and tranquillity in amongst the craziness of the final stages of the Lakeland 100 & 50. Max and Ross Howard have created a legendary checkpoint covered in fairy lights and filled with sofas and rugs. Don’t sit down for too long though as it is extremely difficult to leave. Max and Ross have chosen the Odyssey Project to receive their £500 donation.

The Odyssey Project is a unique organisation that enhance the quality of life for people with cancer through adventure based programmes. They draw on the majesty of the outdoor environment, the arts and use the simulation of challenge, uncertainty and surprise to help cancer survivors overcome the emotional and physical devastation caused by their illness. They help patients rebuild their confidence and self-esteem, engage with exercise and take back control of their lives. All their courses are fully residential and are offered at no financial cost to the participants.odyssey

Odyssey initially ran 3 courses a year with 16 participants and they now run 12 courses per year with up to 20 participants on each, creating an annual total of 240 places per year.

Each course is carefully devised to enable a range of exciting and dramatic challenges lead by top quality staff. Great locations and experiences with every individual’s needs and aspirations taken into account. As a result the high level of detail and quality, the courses cost £20,000 to run. Given that the courses are free to the participants, dontations are much needed to ensure that they can continue to go ahead and help cancer surviors in the future.

The £500 donation from Epic Kidz will go towards the running costs of these amazing courses.

You can find out more about Odyssey at the website http://www.odyssey.org.uk







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