£500 to the Wasdale Head Show

wasdale-kidz-pic-1This year the Montane Lakeland 100 competitors have raised in excess of £42,000.00 for Epic Kidz. The Lakeland 100 event has a huge and dedicated team of hard working volunteers and this year we have asked all of the checkpoint owners and checkpoint managers from the event to nominate a group or charity to receive an Epic Kidz donation. Over the coming few months we will be blogging about all the donations made to all the good causes nominated by the Lakeland 100 family.

Our next donation in the Lakeland 100 donation series has come from Heather & Andrew Naylor-Lopez, the farmers who let us use their barn in Wasdale to house the infamous Lakeland 100 Stroller Disco.  They nominated the Wasdale Head Show to receive their donation.

There has been a “Shepherds Meet” at Wasdale Head for over 100 years. It started off with farmers from Wasdale meeting farmers from the adjoining valleys to trade, swap and hire their Tips (Rams). After WW2 other activities were introduced with things like wresting and a fell race appearing on the calendar. Children’s sports were introduced in the 60s and with more trade stands starting to make an appearance, the shepherds meet became the Wasdale Head Show. What was then a simple gathering of farmers is now a great family day out, maintaining the traditions and history of the event but also offering something for everyone.

Epic Kidz have donated £500 to the Wasdale Head Show which went towards supporting the shows children’s sports section and also to support the 36 ladies who completed a triathlon on the day which finished at the show to raise money for breast cancer care. They all dressed in pink and cycled 20k from Seascale to Wastwater, kayaked Wastwater and then ran from there to the Show where they received a huge standing ovation.

You can read more about the show at http://www.wasdaleheadshow.co.ukwasdale-ladies-pic-1



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