£500 donated to Nothing Is Impossible

This year the Montane Lakeland 100 competitors have raised in excess of £42,000.00 for Epic Kidz. The Lakeland 100 event has a huge and dedicated team of hard working volunteers and this year we have asked all of the checkpoint owners and checkpoint managers from the event to nominate a group or charity to receive an Epic Kidz donation. Over the coming few months we will be blogging about all the donations made to all the good causes nominated by the Lakeland 100 family.

Our next donation in the series has come from Dave Ralphs. Dave is the man behind the Dockray checkpoint and it’s team of Newburgh Nomads. Located at the end of the Old Coach Road, Dave’s checkpoint is a welcome sight for the 100 runners and is their last stop before reaching the half way point at Dalemain. Dave has chosen the Nothing Is Impossible Trust to receive his £500 donation.

nothing-is-impossibleThe Nothing is Impossible Project works with vunerable children and children with disabilities and is based from the Mickii Edwards Fitness Centre in Oswaldtwistle. They are a not for profit organisation and all the fundraising they do goes straight back into the project. NII do a lot of work in their local community. They put on free therapy sessions for anybody in the Hynburn area who has addictions and they employ therapists and psychologists to help with this. They also work with disabled children who are overweight, usually children with downs syndrome, cerabal palsey and autism. They do free exercise and conditioning sessions to suit each child’s needs, with some children doing sessions 3 times a week. They also have 37 people with them who currently have or had cancer where they offer free sessions to help try to change their diet to support them during and after their treatment. As well as all this, they also run a gymnastics group for abled bodied children who are disadvantaged or suffer with addictions.

The £500 donation from Epic Kidz will help to fund a trip the NII Project have organised to take a group of disabled and able bodied group of children up Snowden. Without the help of the NII Project, the children would probably never get the chance to visit Snowden.

You can follow the Nothing is Impossible Project via their facebook page and we will update you soon with pictures and news of the children’s trip to Snowden.






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