£495 donated to Oswaldtwistle Short Stay School

Ossy School.jpg

Oswaldtwistle Short Stay School is a school that educates some of the most vulnerable children within the secondary school system. They take on children who have been excluded from secondary mainstream schools, are on the point of exclusion or are unable to attend mainstream schools for medical reasons.

The school was originally designed as a tech college in the 1910s, it then became an annex for the local secondary school and has also been a primary school in the past. Because of the schools design, they don’t have any PE facilities in the school. There is no large gym area or playing field at the school and, as a result, the school has to allocate a lot of their budget towards the provision of PE facilities (in excess of £10,000 per year). The only available facilities the school has is a dining room and a small outdoor playground area which cannot be used often, due to its position and lack of sunlight, as it develops a lot of moss.

Despite the limitations of the building, the school still provides various PE options for its pupils, such as outdoor education, gym, football, badminton, table tennis, swimming etc. They also have two “drop out days” where the pupils are taken off the school timetable to do something that they have never experienced before e.g. walking at Malham Tarn or activity days at Hothersall Lodge. The school is also currently in the process of developing a martial arts & boxing provision for the children and they were in need of equipment to be able to do this. Epic Kidz donated £495 to allow the school to purchase all the required boxing equipment.


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