Dave Hitchen £500 Grant to Zappi Racing Team


Zappi Racing is lead by Flavio Zappi, an Italian ex-professional cyclist who now devotes his not inconsiderable energies to developing British riders at U-23, Junior & Youth level through a largely continental race calendars.

Zappi Racing presented it’s new junior team in Oxford on Saturday 3rd December. The team includes Mark Donovan (National CX Champion – Cumbria), Jake Wright (National Junior 25 Mile TT Champion – Bury), Lewis Hartley (Poulton Le Fylde), Jacques Sauvangnargues (Chipping Norton) & Harry Gillett (Leamington). The team of very promising juniors have a very challenging training and racing calendar ahead of themselves, including UCI and National level races in the UK, Spain, Belguim, France and Italy. It is hoped that success with this upcoming calendar will then attract the attention of professional and semi professional teams.


The Dave Hitchen Fund has given the Zappi Racing Junior Team a grant of £500 to help with their travel costs.

Flavio said “This group of boys carry their hopes and dreams through their junior years. To succeed they will need passion and dedication as well as talent. Zappi aims to give them the opportunities to develop this mix through a very healthy and ethical approach. There is a lot of race travel for these guys to do and the Dave Hitchen Fund support will make a big difference in helping to meet the rider travel costs“.

We will keep you updated on their progress as their season progresses.

Find out more about the Zappi Racing Team at http://www.zappiracing.com.


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