£1226 raised for Appleby Scout Group

1st Appleby Scout Group are the friendly faces that feed the Eden Valley Epic Cycle Sportive riders every March. They have become a regular feature at the Appleby food stop and are getting a reputation for fantastic sandwich1st Applebyes and a mean cup of coffee.

Thanks to the generosity of the Eden Valley Sportive riders, the scouts raised the grand total of £613, almost double the amount that was raised last year.

The scouts rely on this fundraising to be able to keep their group running, take the children on trips and camp, as well as undertaking a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities.

Epic Kidz have added a further £613 to the funds raised, bringing the total donation from the Eden Valley Epic riders to £1226.

This is a fantastic amount and it is greatly appreciated by 1st Appleby Scout Group. The group have been in dire need of some new tents to allow the scouts to go camping, attend camps and other overnight activities. The funds raised will allow the Scouts to purchase some brand new tents which will last them for years to come.


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