£1000 Epic Club Championship Donation

Tri Preston Pic

At the end of April Epic Events hosted Horwich Triathlon. The event is one of the North Wests longest established races and is a tough little challenge. This year’s event was also the beginning of the Epic Club Championships. A few of you might have spotted their You Tube video where Mr T explained the rules! Together with a huge trophy, the winning club also got to donate £1000 to a cause of their choice. Despite some underhand (or clever) tactics from some of the local triathlon clubs the eventual winner was Tri Preston, a triathlon club based in Preston.

After celebrating their win all evening, Tri Preston eventually decided to support two causes which are close to their members hearts. The first cause was Cluster Headaches. Around 0.2% of the population suffer from Cluster Headaches and it is a lifelong condition which, at present, is incurable. The pain involved is probably one of the most painful conditions known to humans. A £500 donation was made to Ouch UK.

The second cause was the National Autistic Society. Autism is a lifelong, developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people and how they experience the world around them. Again, a £500 donation was made to the National Autistic Society.

The Epic Club Championships will be run every year in conjunction with Horwich Triathlon and we are very much looking forward to making many more great donations in the future.




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