£1000 donation to Bolton Hospice

Bolton Hospice provides specialist care for the people of Bolton who have life-limiting illnesses, and supports their families. Hospice care is not just a building, it is a way of caring for people.

The care Bolton Hospice provides aims to improve the lives of people whose illness may not be curable. They help people to live as actively as possible after diagnosis to the end of their lives, however long that might be and place the highest value on respect and choice.

The team of doctors, nurses and other professional staff provide specialist care and support for local people with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses, in the hospice and at home. They not only take care of patients’ physical needs, they consider their emotional, spiritual and social needs too. And support families and close friends, both during illness and in bereavement.Bolton Hospice

Bolton Hospice provides care throughout a patient’s illness, so they achieve the best possible quality of life. This includes end of life care, helping them to achieve a good death incorporating four key principles: respect, time to plan, care and support.

Bolton Hospice is mainly funded by local people. The Hospice relies on the support of local people to raise a staggering £3.4 million every year (around £9360 every day)! A £1000 donation could pay for 62.5 hours of specialist, compassionate nursing care at the Hospice.

Epic Kidz has donated £1000 to Bolton Hospice on behalf of the guys at Greater Manchester Fire Service.


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