£250 donated to Warton Warriors


Warton Warriors Football Team is a local team for children that participates in the Lancaster & Morecambe Service to Youth League (LMSYL). It currently has around 20 children registered and is a mix of boys and girls. There is an U9’s team and they are currently looking at an U7/U8 team too.

The team is run by supportive pWarton_warriors1arents who volunteer their time to coach, administer and help on match days. Warton Warriors is a small village team and is often up against far bigger clubs yet they are still successful, winning many games and sticking to their philosophy of making football accessible and keeping the enjoyment in the game.

The Warton Warriors have a FA “Respect” banner that the parents and spectators stand behind to watch the matches. The banner is quite old and has started to fall apart so the club have been looking into raising funds to obtain a new one. They have also had a number of footballs lost/stolen recently and have been much in need of getting replacements.  Epic Kidz has donated £250 to Warton Warriors to allow them to purchase their new Respect banner and to replace all their missing footballs.




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