£500 donation to the Eskdale Mill Waterwheel Project

The Montane Lakeland 100 competitors raise thousands of pounds for the Epic Kidz charity. Every July runners take part in this iconic event by completing either 50 or 100 (105) miles around the Lake District. Along the way the runners pass through 14 checkpoints manned entirely by volunteers. We have asked all of the checkpoint owners & managers from the 2017 event to nominate a group or charity to receive an Epic Kidz donation. Over the next few months we will be blogging about all the donations made to all the good causes nominated by our Lakeland 100 family.MILL 3a

Our first donation is from the ‘Boot’ checkpoint owners who have nominated the Eskdale Mill Waterwheel Project to receive their £500 donation. The project is coming to fuition however it is costing much more than was initially anticipated.

The project was to install a modern waterwheel in the grounds of the Eskdale Mill, fed by the mill race that would work a generator. This would use water to make the adjoining mill cottage self sufficient. The new wheel has been in place for a while now however there have been delays in completing the wooden launder to take the water to the wheel due to bad weather. Also the lack of rainfall last autumn and winter kept the main river low and reduced the background sound levels from the waterfalls, such that a neighbour complained about the low level hum from the generator. Following tests & advice, the generator was lowered to a position below ground level and enclosed in a sound proofed containment. Recently an engineer has obtained and fitted the gear wheels to drive the unit in it’s new position.

The project has already received very generous private support to install the wheel as the project was unable to source Lottery or Copeland Fund funding. The extra costs that have hit the project have now become a burden beyond their contingency and so the Epic Kidz donation of £500 is greatly appreciated to help bring this wonderful project to a finish.




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