About Us

Epic Kidz is a charity who provide small grants for volunteer groups organising sporting or recreational activities for children.We are a registered charity, governed by the charities commission, registration number 1156202

Our criteria are as follows:

1. Organised by volunteers for benefit of community
2. Organised for children only or children in conjunction with their families
3. Funds are not currently available in the bank account of organising group
4. Funds are to be used to purchase or hire equipment, resources or facilities. Not for payment of salaries.
5. Activities take place within the North West Region

If you match the above criteria, please contact us: epickidz@epicevents.co.uk

  1. #1 by Jan Evans on June 10, 2015 - 8:58 pm

    Hi I’ve emailed you x 2 on grants@epickidz.co.uk re whether our group is eligible for a grant but both have bounced back.if you could please contact me with an email address.on jedevaninst@btinternet.com.
    Jan Evans

  2. #3 by Paul Grimshaw (ASL) on April 28, 2016 - 5:03 pm

    On Wednesday 23rd March our recently renovated camping trailer was stolen from outside our Scout Hut and our plans for a number of camps over the summer months for our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts were placed at risk as we had no way of getting the considerable amount of camping and scouting equipment to camp sites across the north west that was needed for our 40+ young members (6-14 years old).

    We appealed for help in tracing or replacing the trailer to the good citizens of the borough, hoping they would help one way or the other once they appreciated the situation we were in. The appeal went out via our Facebook page, Wigan Evening Post, Leigh Journal and Leigh Report over the following weeks.

    We have not been disappointed in the responses we received; offers to transport our equipment to camp, help with any future trailer renovations and just general public outrage that someone would steal from a local charitable youth organisation were all received.

    Surpassing all that, along came Peter Bramwood (a local resident of Atherton) and Marc Laithwaite (representing the local charity Epic Kidz – http://www.epickidz.co.uk ) with donations to allow us to replace the stolen trailer. So once again, due to their generosity Howe Bridge Scouts will be able to hit the road for the planned camps.

    Local support such as this is essential nowadays for Scout groups across the country so we say a big loud BRAVO and thank you to Peter and Marc for their support.

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